Hadio in Hot Water Over Hitler T-Shirt

Out shopping in Montreal, Canada, at the trendy boutique, Hadio, an anonymous woman spied a t-shirt with Hitler photo shopped into wearing an afro. She was not amused. In fact, she was so upset by the offensive image, she contacted an attorney who whipped off a demand to the owner of the clothing store to remove the offensive garment from their store shelves. Interestingly enough, the store complied.
An anonymous store employee had this to say about the now banned item:

“Most people we sold it to, use it to make a joke to their friends.”

So how offensive is the shirt to those of the Jewish community? Apparently, not very. David Ouellette, spokes person of the Center for Israel and Jewish affairs did not feel it was anything to be concerned about saying:

“Making Hitler an object of ridicule is not a bad thing.”

Perhaps not, but how do the people of African ancestry feel about it? Twitter is a flutter with tweets remarking that the shirt is racist. The Sun News Network posted the news on Facebook and most of the over 220 comments seem to think that we have taken political correctness too far…