Germany has too many invaders, er, migrants

Around 300 refugees are arriving in Munich each day, but accommodation centres are full. With authorities struggling for answers, The Local meets those at the sharp end of the crisis.

Rana and Hassan are among the lucky ones. They managed to escape the fiercely contested city of Aleppo in Syria with their family intact.

After a month on the road they reached Munich on Wednesday night. They were picked up by the police and brought to the Bayernkaserne, a refugee camp on the fringe of an industrial estate on the northern edge of the city.

Since then they’ve been camping out in front of the overcrowded facility.

“No room for us,” Rana told The Local in a tired voice. She clutches her four-year old in her arms. Her other three children cling to her looking dazed.

Before long they are joined by Ahmed, an extremely thin man holding a small boy with a runny nose and watering eyes. “The camp is closed and they sent us away,” he says in heavily accented but understandable English.

“We have nowhere else to go and the children haven’t eaten in 24 hours”…

Let’s see Saudi Arabia take in a few Syrians. This is another Muslim scam.