Barroso warns Britain it would be irrelevant outside EU

Except from an article at the Financial Times:

The outgoing president of the European Commission will on Monday fire a parting shot at David Cameron, warning Britain will lose almost all relevance in the world if it leaves the EU.

The provocative remarks from José Manuel Barroso come as the political debate in Britain takes an increasingly eurosceptic tone. The UK Independence party, which wants to pull out of the bloc, came first in May’s European elections.

And the Conservative party has promised a referendum on EU membership in 2017 if it wins next year’s general election.

“Even the largest, proudest European nation cannot hope to shape globalisation – or even retain marginal relevance – by itself,” Mr Barroso will say in a speech at Chatham House.

He will argue that Britain has pursued various goals, whether on climate change, Ukraine or Isis, by working within the EU. “Could the UK get by without a little help from your friends? My answer is probably not,” he will say.

On Sunday, Mr Barroso told the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show that the influence of the British prime minister would be “zero” if Britain left the bloc.