Rewarding Hamas and the Palestinians

Rockets fired from Gaza

Palestinian terrorists proved, yet again, that killing Jews is a good business.

Each time their attempt to destroy the Jewish State of Israel is defeated, they get billions of dollars to rebuild and re-arm.

Each time they use their own people as human shields, they receive favorable media, which at the same time condemns Israel.

Each time the media condemns Israel for atrocities caused by the Palestinians, the “outraged” so-called ”world donor community” throws ever-growing funds at the Palestinians. Last Sunday, as an apparent “bonus” toward accomplishing the Palestinians’ goal to “wipe Israel off the map,” representatives from 50 countries and 20 regional and international organizations pledged $1.4 billion more than the $4 billion the Palestinians asked for.

For twenty years the Palestinian Authority (and beforehand, the PLO) constantly misappropriated tens of billions of dollars in donations from everywhere. Instead of developing the economy, their leaders used the money to enrich themselves, their relatives and friends, increase their terrorist base, purchase arms, pay for attacks on Israel, fund future martyrs and their families, and mount international anti-Israeli lobby campaigns…

h/t Marvin