Feedback requested on Ads

Hi All,  I have been receiving reports of a potential malware ad hijacking the site.

See the jpeg below for what it looks like. It is a re-direct which I suspect is piggybacking in via one of the Ad companies I use.

Please note I have had the site scanned manually twice and no evidence of malware or hacking has been detected and the site is now monitored 24/7 for any such event.

I am also having a firewall configured for the site, that is in process.


I am going through a process of elimination with the ad companies. Please keep me posted in the comments if you see the redirect again.  If you see the redirect, close it out, and clear your browser cache. You may also wish to clear all cookies in your browser. Any questions, please let me know in the comments.

My suspicion is that an “advertiser” is using one of the legitimate ad companies I use to inject their redirect to the site and take advantage of vulnerable computers. I have changed settings starting today to see if that remedy’s the problem.

If anyone is concerned after an encounter with the re-direct I recommend  Malwarebytes, it is is a free download and I advise you to run a full scan of your computer – it is good and I have used it. For those running Windows run a full system scan using Microsoft Security Essentials as well.