Ebola survivor Will Pooley told he may not be immune to Ebola as he returns to Sierra Leone

Will Pooley in Sierra Leone with local people who have also recovered from Ebola. Photograph: Michael Duff for the Guardian

The British nurse who survived Ebola has flown back to Sierra Leone expressing fears that the world will return to indifference about the plight of Africans when the crisis abates.

Will Pooley is expected to touch down in Freetown on Sunday evening and will resume work on Monday in an Ebola isolation unit run by a team backed by three NHS trusts and a London university.

He said he “can’t see anything changing” in attitudes towards Africa, where diseases such as malaria have already killed 70 times more people than Ebola this year.

The Suffolk-born nurse said it had been an easy decision to return despite the worries of his family and friends. He has said he cannot stand “idly by” and watch more die. “I chose to go before and it was the right thing to do then and it’s still the right thing to do now.”

Although it is widely assumed that a person cannot contract Ebola twice, this is not scientifically proven and Pooley has been warned that he still faces a risk. “They have told me I very likely have immunity, at least for the near future, to this strain of Ebola. I have also been told it’s a possibility that I don’t, so I will just have to act as if I don’t,” he told the Guardian…