Turkey’s PM Davutoglu: Palestinian struggle symbolizes all oppressed

Turkey embraced the million plus Syrian refugees on its territory with the same love and fervor it has for the Palestinians of Gaza, Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said late Thursday night.

He made the remarks at an event titled “Living Gaza,” which was organized by the Ankara-based Yunus Emre Institute.

Davutoglu said the struggle of the Palestinian people represented the aspirations of every oppressed individual in the world.

He said that when Turkey opened its border crossing and “embraced” over one million Syrian refugees, it did so with the same fervor.

Turkey “saw the people of Gaza and Hiroshima, and all those who died of hunger in Somali, when our Syrian brothers came at our door,” he said.

He said that when Palestinians fight for their noble cause, they do so as if they are also fighting for the suppressed people of Myanmar’s Arakan State, Damascus, Baghdad and Somali.

The premier also recalled Turkish poet Cahit Koytak’s poem “Gazan Yousuf,” which he said represented not only the Gaza Strip, but also symbolized every place and person stricken suffering from an atrocity…