Readers of newspapers make more sense than their writers, again

Letter to the Editor of News OK [Oklahoma]:

Lutheran Bishop Michael Girlinghouse (Point of View, Oct. 12) decries “the anti-Muslim sentiments surging in the aftermath of Alton Nolen’s beheading of a woman in Moore.” He later says Islam is a peaceful, proactive religion. But Islam is more than a religion.

It’s also a political system, establishing a government founded on Sharia law. The majority of the Koran prescribes rules for dealing with kafirs (unbelievers) rather than any religious matters.

As for Islam being a “peaceful, proactive religion,” everywhere that Islam rules it’s accompanied by fighting and killing. That’s certainly not “peaceful.”

The bishop intends “proactive” to be a positive thing. But a proactive Muslim is trying to convert all unbelievers to the true faith. Those reluctant to convert face, at best, arbitrary taxation and, at worst, death.

Girlinghouse thinks discussion will solve everything. But the two individuals in the Moore beheading had a discussion. Those captured by ISIS militants have discussions. Shiites have discussions with unfortunate Sunni victims. These aren’t true discussions, you say? Possibly, but they are true Islamic discussions.

Elliott Doane, Oklahoma City