Justin Trudeau attends Planned Parenthood fundraiser: assistant wins sex toy

Justin Trudeau, the leader of Canada’s Liberal Party, attended Planned Parenthood Ottawa’s fundraiser last week, along with other Grit MPs and some from the New Democrats.

The event was reported by Cynhia Munster on the ipolitics website, under the headline, “In the City: Planned parenthood fundraiser draws big laughs.”

The apparent source of the “laughs” was the raffle prize, a sex toy – a vibrator – won by Trudeau’s special assistant, Tommy Desfossés.

While Trudeau has repeatedly referred to himself as a faithful Catholic in the past, his attendance at the Planned Parenthood event didn’t surprise pro-life leaders.

“Why is this news?” commented John Hof, the head of United for Life B.C. “Where else can Justin Trudeau go? He’s kicked everybody else out of his party but the pro-abortionists.”