I was afraid of this: Danish immigrant party challenges ‘populist’ right

The National Party is fronted by three brothers of Pakistani heritage who want to challenge the right-wing’s seeming lock on “Danish values”.

A political party targeting the immigrant vote by advocating looser immigration laws and “a ban on banning” religious symbols has launched in Denmark amid record support for the populist right.

“The prevailing discourse has taken a marked shift to the right. We stand here more than 40 years after our parents arrived, still discussing whether this is where we belong,” National Party (Nationalpartiet) leader Kashif Ahmad said at a press conference on Thursday.

With a logo sporting the Danish flag, the party claims “Danish values such as respect, tolerance and peaceful coexistence” had come “under attack” as more politicians adopt the rhetoric of the hugely successful rightwing Danish People’s Party (DF).

“We are Danish. I feel in Danish, I think in Danish and I dream in Danish,” said Ahmad, who is of Pakistani heritage and co-founded the organisation with his two brothers…

We are stuck with them now. It is too late. It was likely too late after World War One. The West lost its self-confidence, never to return. Are any other readers finding things very depressing?