Facebook to Feds: Stop Impersonating Our Users

October 17, 2014 Facebook on Friday scolded federal authorities for creating a fake account on the social network to impersonate a New York woman for the purposes of a criminal investigation.

Facebook likened the Drug Enforcement Administration’s “harmful conduct” to using the site for domestic violence, and asked the agency to confirm it was no longer engaged in the duplicitous activity.

“The DEA’s actions threaten the integrity of our community,” reads the letter, which was sent to agency Administrator Michele Leonhart. “Using Facebook to impersonate others abuses that trust and makes people feel less safe and secure when using our services. Indeed, as we have observed at Facebook, such deceptive actions are often used to further harmful conduct, such as trolling, hate speech, scams and bullying and even domestic violence”…

Not sure what to make of this. Seems kind of like “Big Brother” if the government can create fake accounts.