As it turns out, a lot of NDP voters don’t want to vote for a pro-Hezbollah candidate

“Hezbollah Calendar Girl” Ausma Malik looks set to finish last, just like her mentor Chairman Chow.

“…on just a short stretch of a single street near the Annex, I was told, unprompted, by people in four separate households, that they had called NDP City Council candidate Joe Cressy’s office to have him remove his sign from their lawns once they learned the facts about my opponent, his Trustee running-mate Ausma Malik. It turns out that even in what used to be an NDP stronghold, even among people who are traditionally NDP-supporters, people aren’t particularly impressed with a Trustee candidate who was a featured speaker at a pro-Hezbollah rally. Nor with Council candidates who would endorse such a person.”