3 Alleged “Canadian” Girls Intercepted On Way To Become Sharmuta’s For Allah

Islamic State militants luring Western women as wives

The teenage girls are lured online, seduced by video testimonies, text messages and a romantic notion of living in Syria and Iraq as wives of warriors — a portrait of domestic bliss starkly different from videos of beheadings and the repressive rule of the so-called Islamic State.

Three Toronto girls of Somali heritage, aged between 15 and 18, fell prey to this recruiting drive and recently left Canada bound for Syria, part of the growing trend of young women joining the terrorist group.

Security and community sources familiar with the case told the Toronto Star that two of the girls were sisters. Along with a third teenager, they flew to Cairo and then Istanbul, from where they planned to head for the border.

But the girls’ parents discovered their plans and alerted authorities. In what is being hailed as a good example of co-operation between the security services and Toronto’s Somali community — whose relations have been strained in the past — the girls were intercepted by Turkish authorities and sent home.


Is it really our business to stop them? What trouble will they now cause here? Their passports should have been revoked on exit.