Your lot are responsible for Ebola deaths, Kofi, not us!

I almost threw something at the TV this morning when I saw the smug, holier-than-thou, multi-millionaire, former Secretary-General of the utterly corrupt UN, Kofi Annan, lecturing us about Ebola and claiming the West has ‘not done enough’ to combat the spread of the disease.

So, let me remind Kofi of a few facts:

1. After WWII, under the Marshall Plan the US gave Europe around $20 billion a year (in today’s money) for five years to rebuild shattered European economies. This led to one of the greatest periods of prosperity the world has ever experienced

2. Since 1965 (so that’s almost 50 years), Africa has received over $1 trillion in foreign aid ($20 billion a year) and many African countries (especially Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where there are the most cases of Ebola) are now poorer than they were in 1965. Where has all the money gone? Mostly stolen by the African countries’ ruling elites.

3. The ruling elites in three of the four countries where there is Ebola steal more money from their countries each year than they receive in foreign aid…

For another example of this silliness, consider this excerpt from an article in the Straight (Vancouver):

Dr. James Johnston is not an expert on the hemorrhagic disease. He’s a tuberculosis specialist. Although the two illnesses are different, he noted that “obviously, you can draw parallels”.

“We’re never really going to get to the problem, to the source, without investing in health-care infrastructure elsewhere,” Johnston said by phone.

Johnston called the Straight on October 14, following up on a previous interview that dealt with the subject of TB, this time observing that everyone seems to be talking about Ebola.

“We’re investing millions and millions of dollars here addressing…potential Ebola in Canada,” Johnston said. “Everyone and their dog [are] meeting about it but…really, you could spend that money in Sierra Leone, Liberia, and Guinea.”

The problem is that those countries are black holes for foreign aid. The money just disappears.