Woman Set Ablaze for Flouting Voting ‘Fatwa’ in Maharashtra

NASHIK: In a shocking incident, a woman, who allegedly flouted a local voting ‘fatwa’, was assaulted and set on fire in Yevla town of the district in Maharashtra two days ago, police said here Friday.

The incident occurred in Babulgaon village after the 60-year-old victim, Jebubai Bawale, exercised her franchise at a nearby polling station, a police official said.

En route to the polling booth, some political activists, whose political affiliation the police are probing, reportedly pressurized her to vote for a particular candidate and kept a watch on her.

After she had cast her vote, the activists somehow came to know that she had not pressed the button opposite their candidate’s name. Angered, they confronted her and sought an explanation from her for flouting their ‘fatwa’.

Bawale pleaded with them that since her eyesight was poor, she may have inadvertently pressed the wrong button.

They refused to accept her version and brutally slapped and assaulted her.

One of the activists brought a can full of kerosene which they poured on her and set her ablaze before fleeing.