Turkish World Bulletin: ‘From a ruined life to Islam, challenging his Catholic faith’

Salahuddin Decero from United States, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Borned into a Sicilian family in South Philadelphia, he grew up as a Roman Catholic Christian.

While he speaks about his earlier years of his “faithful” life as a Roman Catholic, he said “The only times I ever went to church were Baptism and first Holy Communion. So throughout my youth I was very innocent, but when I hit my teenage years my family was very shaky and dysfunctional.”

Following years, Salahuddin Decero said, “My mom became very sick and my dad became very sick. It was one of the hardest moments in my life. I was hanging with the wrong crowd.”

Salahuddin Decero said, when he talked about his travel along the different religious experiences, “I started feeling great and I was devoloping deep faith. I became very religious very fast in the beginning. I started having thoughts that I wanted to be a priest and monk but I was hesitant to express it to anybody. About 10 months after I started practicing my Catholic faith I went to live in the monastery a life of a monk in Philadelphia and began studying with the intention of becoming a priest. I was moved from Philadelphia to Minnesota after about 3 years and I lived there the same life. Then my studies took me as far as Rome, Spain, France, and Italy!”

Decero thanked deeply a man for his efforts on his searching for the right way and said, “The most helpful thing was an Imam and I would sit down six days a week and talk from one to three hours about Islam and he helped me so much may Allah reward him. I truly cannot express to you how this Imam helped me for months. The Imam wanted to get me involved in Islam, and so he started taking me to churches and mosques meetings with him telling my story!”…