New York Times’ dangerous mischief mongering

The opinion piece seems to be less about genuine concern for India and more about the need to keep topics like “sectarian violence” and “Islamophobia” pinned to the India narrative

The New York Times has figured out a way to drag Narendra Modi into an “editorial” about the Sri Lankan Buddhist group Bodu Bala Sena. The opinion piece titled “Deadly Alliance Against Muslims”, quotes Galagodaththe Gnanasara as claiming that he was in a “high level” discussion with the RSS regarding the creation of a “Hindu-Buddhist Peace Zone” in South Asia.

Though the piece admits that such a claim has been categorically denied by none other than Ram Madhav himself, it goes on to insinuate something sinister in any case, choosing to rely on allegedly “sympathetic” comments on the BJP leader’s social media profiles.

The NY Times editorial of course, is mischievously attempting to establish a false link where none obviously exists. So-called “sympathetic” social media comments notwithstanding, the Buddhist group is neither in India nor related in any way to Indian politics…

The New York Times biased in favour of Islam? Unheard of!  Say it isn’t so.