Invasion of Europe: ‘more barriers to invaders means more suffering in Libya’ plus newsflash: ‘Islam is a peaceful religion’

ROME – The higher the barriers set up by Europe to halt immigration, the more abuse refugees trapped in Libya will suffer, the blog of the Habeshia agency for cooperation and development of migrants’ rights activist Father Mussie Zerai denounced on Friday.

The most obvious sign of Europe cracking down on immigration this fall is European operation Mos Maiorum, according to the agency founded in 2006 by the Eritrean priest who has been working for years to promote the rights of migrants and refugees exploited by human trafficking rings. The two-week-long sweeping police operation across Europe deploys 18,000 security officers to identify and control illegal immigrants and asylum seekers.

The operation, which kicked off on October 13, is officially aimed at cracking down on human smuggling rings yet targets their victims, thousands of people forced to flee war and famine, according to the agency that monitors human rights violations of refugees and asylum seekers in Libya, Egypt, Tunisia, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Sudan, Djibouti, Yemen, Israel and Europe…

More claptrap from leftist idiot Laura Boldrini here: “It is true that Italy is welcoming many people, alongside other neighbouring countries,” referring to nations hosting Syrian refugees and the thousands fleeing Iraq. “But everyone is playing a role,” noted Boldini, calling for “more Europe.”

“We must not fall into the trap, Islam is a peaceful religion,” continued Boldrini…

(Photo: Invaders from sub-Saharan Africa rest after being rescued by the Libyan coastguard when their boat sank on October 2, 2014)