France ‘double standards’: Prison for Mosque offence, fines for Femen church affront

A French prosecutor is demanding three to four months of suspended sentence and around a $2,000 fine for an ex-Femen activist, who imitated abortion in a Paris church. A similar act in a French mosque resulted in harsher sentences for offenders.

Eloïse Bouton, 31, then a Femen member, was topless when she got inside the Catholic Madeleine Church in Paris a few days before Christmas 2013. She simulated an abortion by carrying to the altar pieces of a calf’s liver, symbolically representing the fetus. The act culminated in Bouton urinating on the altar’s steps.

Bouton, who quit Femen after the incident, citing “personal reasons,” appeared in a court in Paris to face trial for “indecent exposure,” on Wednesday.

The prosecutor requested three to four months of suspended sentence and a 1,500-euro fine (around $1,920).

Bouton’s lawyer insists that what his defendant did was a political protest and not an act of public exhibition, and asked for the international law on freedom of expression to be applied in her case.

The verdict in Bouton’s case won’t be announced until mid-December. Meanwhile, the French justice system has already proven mild to Femen activists.

Last month, France’s court cleared the activists, who staged a topless protest in the iconic Notre Dame cathedral in Paris in February 2013. The female group then marked Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation by shouting slogans like “Bye-bye Benedict!” and “No more homophobe!”…

(Photo: A member of Ukrainian feminist group Femen stands at the altar of the Madeleine church in Paris. AFP Photo / Thomas Samson)

I hate to find myself agreeing with RT, but I in this case I must.