Denmark wants answers on wanted man missing in Turkish custody: foreign minister

(Reuters) – Danish officials will travel to Turkey to establish the fate of a wanted Danish man whose family says is missing from Turkish custody, the foreign minister said, before criticising the Turkish authorities for being unresponsive on the case.

The man, who is known in Denmark only by the initials BH, is wanted by Danish police for the attempted murder in Copenhagen in February 2013 of newspaper columnist and outspoken critic of Islam, Lars Hedegaard.

Police say BH, a Danish citizen with Lebanese roots, fled Denmark on the day of the shooting and spent time in Syria, before being arrested in Turkey in April 2014.

Last week, his family told police the man was no longer in Turkish custody. Danish officials have since been trying unsuccessfully to obtain information on his whereabouts from their Turkish counterparts.

“We are now sending a delegation of government officials to Turkey to communicate with the Turkish intelligence service,” Foreign Minister Martin Lidegaard told a parliamentary committee questioning him on the issue on Thursday.

“I am angry that we can’t get any answers from Turkey and I have expressed that very clearly to my Turkish colleague in a telephone conversation yesterday,” the minister added…