Burak Bekdil: Did Someone Say ‘Conquest’?

Turkey’s terrible miscalculation in Syria has pushed its foreign policy rhetoric from “shallow arrogance” to “defensive bewilderment.” Over the past five years, Ankara has claimed that “Syria, Palestine and Egypt [and other former Ottoman territories] are Turkey’s domestic affairs.”

It’s bizarre, we have not heard Interior Minister Efkan Ala speaking on what has been going on in Syria over the past few months – not even once. Does Kobane not fall under the jurisdiction of his ministry?

Not learning from past mistakes, the Turks and their part-time allies across the Atlantic have now set out to train and equip “moderate” Islamists in Syria: The Americans hope the “moderates” will finish off their less moderate brethren, while the Turks hope that the new fighting will enforce bad Sunnis instead of bad Shiites in Damascus…