“Boxed and Packaged Islam” Trying to Pass Itself Off as Mainstream Islam

As someone who used to call herself a moderate, I am now moving away from that terminology. One reason is a recent interview a cable TV talk show called Bilatakalluf.

On the program were two members of The North American Muslim Foundation (NAMF) — Imam Shehryar and Farooq Khan — and the discussion was about ISIS and being a Canadian Muslim. Below is a translation of some of the “quotable quotes”:

  • “I honestly think the news about ISIS is extremely exaggerated – there are other interests fanning the flames — we do not know if ISIS is Muslim or not, could be anyone.”
  • “When we look at history and the way the West has lied, it is obvious… I refer to Iraq — this drama has been done before, so the reports we are getting are not credible as they are coming from Western media, which has a track record of being No. # 1 liars — once you tell a lie over and over again it becomes credible — look at the Jihad/Sharia hype?”
  • “We must establish authenticity of the [beheading] TV clips — it is a man wearing a niqab so how do we know whether he is a Mossad guy or ISIS?”
  • “I have heard reports that some people living under ISIS are peaceful — at least the Sunni areas are better patrolled.”
  • “Having a Caliphate is an integral part of faith. Every believing Muslim prays for a true Khalifah.”

And on the topic of Canadians going for Jihad?

  • “There are one million Muslims in Canada… only 0.13% have “allegedly” joined ISIS, and they have gone for many reasons — it is a hot issue with media — 150 Jewish Zionists have gone to Gaza for a one-sided slaughter.”
  • “Mossad had an integral part in creating Hamas. The PLO Al-Fatah meetings in 1960’s were held in the house of a guy who was an Israeli agent — a Jewish Zionist Israeli agent.”
  • “There are vested interests — 1.8 million Muslims cannot be digested by the powerbrokers so they aim to keep the area troubled — the grand policy of the West is to have rivers of blood flowing — they don’t say it, but they are at war with the Muslims. The West will keep propping up proxy groups so that the violence does not end.”

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