WHO to test Ebola preparedness in Ivory Coast and Mali

WestAfrica(Reuters) – The World Health Organization will send experts to test the Ebola-preparedness measures in Ivory Coast [Côte d’Ivoire] and Mali, the two countries at greatest risk of being the next to be affected by the epidemic, WHO’s health security response chief Isabelle Nuttall said on Thursday.

The virus is known to have killed almost 4,500 people in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea this year, and there have been isolated cases in the United States, Germany and Spain.

The WHO says there have been 9,000 recorded cases in West Africa and a similar number unrecorded, with a 70 percent fatality rate, implying a true death toll already above 12,000. The WHO expects 5,000-10,000 new cases a week by December.

The disease has gradually spread to areas that border Ivory Coast, whose population of about 20 million is roughly equal to the total of the three countries at the center of the epidemic…