Serbia-Albania soccer match stopped after Albanian flag dangled over stadium by a drone – police have found the drone

Serbian police have found the drone that flew an Albanian nationalist banner over a soccer stadium in Belgrade, igniting a brawl on the field and fuelling political tensions between Balkan rivals Serbia and Albania.

The small drone with four rotors — last seen being carried off by a Serb fan during the stadium brawl Tuesday night — will be checked to see where it was manufactured and purchased and who could have flown it, police chief Nebojsa Stefanovic said Thursday.

He accused Albanians of being “exclusively” to blame for the clashes.

The violence broke out after the drone, dangling a map of Albania enlarged to include chunks of several neighbours, circled over the field during the first half of Tuesday night’s game. The match was later abandoned.

Serbia and Albania have been at odds for decades, mainly over Kosovo, a former ethnic Albanian-dominated Serbian province that declared independence in 2008. Serbia has never accepted Kosovo’s independence…

(Photo: A flag with Albanian national symbols attached to a remotely operated drone flies in the stadium during the EURO 2016 group I soccer match between Serbia and Albania in Belgrade on Oct. 14, 2014. Phototgrapher: Andrej Isakovic/AFP/Getty Images)