Reader feels cheated by Muslim transgender stories

Letter to the Editor of the Marietta Daily Journal (State of Georgia):


As a long time subscriber, reader and occasional contributor to the letters column, I have to ask what editorial goals were achieved by plastering Muslim fashions as propaganda and a “transgendered” student’s election to his/her homecoming court across your front pages in recent days?

Have national headlines of utmost importance like national security, killer diseases, upcoming elections and rampant illegal intrusion into our country run their course? Are these vastly more important issues passé as news makers now?

I have always looked to the MDJ to report real news of real importance to real people. I’m disappointed to say the least, nay, feeling cheated.

While these topics may have value to a very limited audience, I would argue they are not front page material, unless you are seeking to become another tabloid paper. Put them in the local interest section, if you must. Your paying subscribers and readers deserve more than this. For this reader/subscriber, you have one strike left.

Tony Maddox, Kennesaw

I know how he feels. You would think that at least a third of the population were transgender the way they carry on.