Prayers for Revnant Dream’s sister


UPDATE: I missed this ’till just now. I’m so sorry, Rev.

Just wanted people who prayed for my sister to know she died today. She never regained consciousness. She was 52 years old. A kind person who cared deeply for her family & even being unwell helped as much as she could.She is survived by her husband & 3 children.Lori was smart & was trained as an engineer . My gratitude for those who prayed for her id heartfelt. God keep you all in His hands.My one solace is she knew Yeshua being with my brother & Mother now.She was a wonderful Women who had a kind heart. Its us living that will hurt the most. Thank you all. Sincerely. Reg Haines.Will be going to Kamloops BC for the funeral.

I will miss her deeply. Sorry to intrude on the thread.