Man caught attempting to rape 4-year-old boy at Istanbul hospital

A man was caught attempting to rape a 4-year-old boy last week at Istanbul’s Haseki Hospital, the Health Employees Union has said, adding that the individual has been taken into custody following the incident.

In a separate statement, the Health Ministry said the individual, identified only as C.U., was prevented from carrying out his act due to the intervention of hospital workers.

Officials said the mother of the boy, who was in hospital for treatment of a respiratory infection, had entrusted the boy to C.U., who she described as his “uncle.”

“The mother of the boy told the health personnel that she had to go home and the boy would stay with the individual who she said was his uncle. Shortly after, a doctor and a nurse entered the [boy’s] room during a medical visit and caught the individual sexually abusing the boy. He was immediately handed over to the police,” health union member Aydın Erol said…

(Photo: Haseki Hospital, one of Istanbul’s oldest health institutions located in the Fatih district. DHA Photo)