In fight against Islamophobia, websites seek to dispel accurate, er, warped portrayals

As concerns mount that atrocities perpetrated by ISIL may lead to Islamophobia in the West, efforts to halt the spread of warped portrayals of the Muslim world were being kick-started both sides of the Atlantic. In the U.S., a website tracking anti-Muslim hate groups was launched, while in Britain, a new digital television channel hopes to showcase the best content about Muslim life.

“Because of the avalanche of negative comments about Islam and Muslims that we see in our daily lives, any initiative that offers a positive and accurate portrayal of ordinary Muslims … can have a positive impact,” said Ibrahim Hooper, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).

His group on Wednesday launched a website,, that tries to reveal U.S.-based Islamophobic groups…

…Though it also aims to change people’s perception of the Muslim world, Alchemiya, which will launch in the U.K. in December, is not a religious channel and has both Muslim and non-Muslim staff.

“We’re a lifestyle channel, but we have a spiritual outlook on the content,” Akhtar said. “We’re filling in the gaps between ‘too secular’ and ‘too religious.’”

The website will work like a Netflix video-on-demand platform, offering viewers a wide range of content in genres ranging from education to arts, culture, food, design and fashion.

“When you want to learn what something is, you don’t tell me what you’re not. You tell me what you’re about,” said Navid Akhtar, Alchemiya founder and chief executive officer…

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