Hundreds of invaders, I mean migrants storm Morocco-Spain border, three get through

Madrid – About 300 African migrants stormed a border fence separating Morocco from the Spanish territory of Melilla on Wednesday, leaving at least 10 people injured, officials said.

It was the latest in a series of attempts by desperate migrants trying to reach European soil via the territory on Morocco’s northern shore.

The crowd of migrants charged to the six-metre, triple-layer fence from encampments on the Moroccan side in the early morning, Spanish government delegates in Melilla said in a statement.

It accused the migrants of acting with “unusual violence”.

Five Spanish police officers were treated for injuries and five migrants were hurt, most of them when falling from the fence.

“About 140 of the migrants ended up perched on the fence” where they remained for several hours before being seized by Moroccan security forces.

Three migrants made it to the Spanish side and went running into Melilla. Two of these headed straight to the city’s immigrant reception centre and the third was yet be found, the statement said.

It said Spanish police planned to charge them with assault and resisting authority…

(Photo: Shows sub-Saharan Africans attempting to cross the border fence between Melilla and Morocco. Undated).