French Jewish girl, 17, ‘planned terror attack on parents’ store, was set to join IS’

A young French Jewish girl was radicalized, became an anti-Semite, planned a terrorist attack at her parents’ shop and was a moment away from getting on a plane to join the Islamic State in Syria, a French anthropologist who runs a de-radicalization center in Paris revealed.

Dounia Bouzar, the founder of the Centre de Prévention des Dérives Sectaires liées à l’Islam (Center for the Prevention of Sectarian Abuses linked to Islam), told Channel 2 on Wednesday that she came across the case when the family of the 17-year-old Paris resident contacted her for help.

The center conducts research and works with French youth who have undergone Islamic radicalization and brainwashing. Some, she said, were well on the path to joining IS, including the young Jewish girl, whom she calls “A.”

“A” was about to board a plane when the center intervened and convinced her to stay with her parents “so that the family connection would not be severed — it is important because it can lead to even more radicalization,” said Bouzar.

She said that “A” self-radicalized, likely online, is completely covered up physically, voices extreme anti-Semitic thoughts and is convinced she is the victim of a plot against her.”

“It is a very difficult case, and we have a long way to go,” Bouzar said…