Feedback needed – iPad redirects to Apple App Store issue

Hi All,

I use a PC 99% of the time and only recently purchased an iPad Mini for work so frankly I am not in touch with the Apple user experience, please bear with me.

An issue has been brought to my attention concerning a re-direct to the Apple App Store that occurs when you click a post to comment etc.

Near as I can tell this is  due to a flaw in Safari that Apple is aware of but have neglected to fix. Basically  unscrupulous advertisers use a Java script exploit to create the redirect. It is evidently very difficult for the Ad Agencies that serve up the banner ads etc to catch this activity.

Please let me know if you are an iPad user and if you have found a solution.

For Mac users, the easiest option is to use Firefox as opposed to Safari.

Thank you all for your patience and assistance.


Possible solution – From Minicapt

1. “Settings” > “General” > “Handoff & Suggested Apps” > turn off ‘My Apps’ and ‘App Store’.
2. Download “Ad Block” from the iTunes Store, free; full featured version is $4.