Conservatives to give spy agency more powers to track terrorism suspects

From the Globe…

“Courts in Canada had some findings recently, some very thought-provoking findings that forced us to reconsider the way we undertook some of our operations,” said Mr. Ellis, CSIS’s assistant director of operations, at the press conference.

He said legal ambiguities created by a Federal Court ruling last year have prompted a state of reconsideration of CSIS practises – and a glaring intelligence vacuum.

“We held in abeyance the coverage of Canadians and other targets who were working abroad … and when I say, ‘working abroad,’ representing a terrorist threat to Canada and our allies,” Mr. Ellis said. “So while that was held in abeyance, we had a black hole – we were unable to track where these people were, where they were moving, how they were moving, and the nature, breadth and depth of the threat they posed to Canada and our allies.”