British Jihadis fighting for Islamic State could be tried for treason, Philip Hammond says

British jihadis who go to fight for Isil in Syria and Iraq could be tried for treason, the Foreign Secretary has said.

Philip Hammond said that because jihadis have “sworn personal allegiance to the so-called Islamic State” it raises questions about whether “offences of treason have been committed”.

There have been no prosecutions for treason since 1946, when William Joyce – known as Lord Haw Haw – was hanged for his German propaganda broadcasts. The death penalty has since been abolished, but the offence remains.

Philip Hollobone, a Tory back-bencher, asked in the Commons: “Will the Foreign Secretary ensure that British jihadists who return from Iraq and Syria are prosecuted for the offence of treason because her actions are treachery against Her Majesty, because aiding and abetting enemies of Her Majesty is one of the greatest offences a British citizen can commit?”…