Melilla – 300 illegals attempt break out

NB Google Translate: About 300 immigrants yesterday staged another attempt of mass entry into the Melilla fence “one of the most stressful mornings” that has seen the border perimeter between our city and Morocco migratory pressure. The jump yesterday, the second in just 24 hours and the sixth of this month, resulted in the input 8 SSA and over a dozen wounded policemen and immigrants who had to be treated in the hospital and on foot fence . In addition, a section of the fence suffered “serious damage” after losing weight by about 140 immigrants who were perched on the fence for several hours until they were gradually falling to be delivered to the Moroccan authorities. The Government Office, who reported an “extreme and unprecedented violence” used by immigrants also reported that the Guardia Civil denounce three immigrants agreed yesterday irregularly for assault and disobeying authority. It is the first time such action is taken in a jump the fence.