Is Obama trying to alienate Muslim youths?

A 19-year-old Chicago-area man was arrested last weekend for attempting to help the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. The U.S. government says Mohammed Hamzah Khan, an American citizen, faces 15 years in prison because he was at an airport with a ticket to Turkey and had left references to ISIS and a note to his parents saying he was going to Syria.

Meanwhile, the Obama administration says it will step up outreach efforts with American Muslims to counter ISIS’ campaign to attract young Western Muslims to its cause.

Is this any way for the government to keep the turmoil in Iraq and Syria from washing up on America’s shores?

The administration already has an answer to that question. When Homeland Security Secretary Jeh Johnson visited Ohio recently to offer help to the Muslim community against the allure of ISIS, “he faced a litany of grievances from a group of mostly Muslim leaders and advocates,” the New York Times reports. “They complained of humiliating border inspections by brusque federal agents, F.B.I. sting operations that wrongly targeted Muslim citizens as terrorists …”

(Photo: Mohammed Hamzah Khan)