UK Ebola screening: Immigration officers shaking hands with passengers at Heathrow

Emergency screening measures for Ebola are being carried out on an “haphazard and voluntary basis”, it is claimed

Immigration officers at Heathrow have been shaking hands with passengers on the first day of the emergency screening measures for Ebola.

Reports suggest the screening is being carried out on an “haphazard and voluntary basis” in apparent contradiction of health advice about contact with potential carriers of the deadly virus.

Travellers on connecting flights from West Africa – where the disease has killed over 4,000 people in Liberia and Sierra Leone – said they were being given the option of being screened for symptoms of the virus rather than being obliged to undergo checks.

Sorius Samura, 51, a documentary maker who had spent 10 days in Liberia making a film on the crisis, said the British authorities did not appear to be taking the situation seriously enough…