Rabble: Canada’s halal food regulations don’t go far enough

The Government of Canada’s recent amendment to its Food and Drug Regulations, making it mandatory that any claims to a food product being halal be accompanied by the name of the certifying body or person, is a welcome first step.

The domestic halal market in the country is worth $1 billion annually and is growing exponentially with the increase in the Muslim population, which is expected to triple by 2031. In addition to Muslims, there are other groups which also comprise a significant proportion of halal consumers who value the halal products for health, safety, taste and cultural reasons.

The new labelling requirements provide these consumers with the vital information as to which certifier has deemed the product to be halal. This is a significant shift away from the current practice where many restaurants, food retailers and products affix a ‘halal’ sign without any information as to their justification for such a claim or to which standard they adhere to…