Ebola gets more political, Simpsons conspiracy theory and suggested racism accusations

The world’s largest Ebola Virus Outbreak (EVD) and it’s first appearance’s outside of Africa continues to gather news coverage at an unprecedented speed. Unfortunately, but not unexpectedly, the virus has not just turned up talk of medicine and public health, but it is now getting progressively more political and conspiratorial.

Perhaps what some may think the most radical statement on the Ebola crisis came from Fox News contributor and psychiatrist, Dr. Keith Ablow who made quite an accusation about President Obama whom penned the following, “I believe the president may literally believe we should suffer along with less fortunate nations. And if he does, that is a very dangerous psychological stance from which to confront Ebola.

“Let me say this plainly, as a psychiatrist who has studied this president only from a distance: In order for President Obama to keep thinking of himself as the leader of the world — and not just the free world — it may be that our boundaries must remain porous, allowing illegal immigrants and, potentially, even diseases to flow through them.”

Rev. Jesse Jackson has also arrived on the scene suggesting possible legal action. Jackson, now a spokesman for the family of the late Thomas Eric Duncan said, “All I do know is that Mr. Duncan received late treatment and not the best drug”…