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[CAFR-L] The End of Tenure?

Anthony Hall raprockprof2 at
Mon Oct 13 20:56:29 MDT 2014

An assault on the institution of tenure itself is definitely in the air.
Those of us who took part in the recent New Horizon Conference in the
capital of the Islamic Republic of Iran faced collective and individual
smear campaigns originating with press releases from the Anti-Defamation
League and Illinois Senator Mark Kirk. My little greeting from
BlazingCatFur, whose publishers remain anonymous but have something to do
with Sun News and Ezra Levant, was nothing compared to the accusation
targeting Rev. Stephen Sizer, a UK Vicar of the Church of England.

I see I have been nominated by the site's publishers as "poster boy for the
end of tenure." While its all sort of laughable the item nevertheless
introduces the concept that tenure is an outdated institution facilitating,
say, the elaboration of lurid "conspiracy theories" by those that have
obtained its protections. Jim's identification of Hoeller's condemnation of
the supposed dark side of "tenurism" seems to pointed in a similar

Should this development be raised with our Faculty Association?

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