100,000 undocumented migrants crossed into France from Italy in one year

(ANSAmed) – PARIS – More than 100,000 undocumented migrants have breached the border-crossing between Ventimiglia and Menton in a year, sneaking from Italy to France, French newspaper Le Figaro reported Monday, citing a classified police report.

The paper said the figure regarding the coastal route represents a “dossier that has become particularly sensitive for the interior ministry, in the absence of sufficient means(…)to manage the explosion of migrant flows.”

Meanwhile, a protest was held on Monday to demand more police forces in Calais, a city in northern France suffering from immigration-related issues and dubbed the ‘Lampedusa of the North.’

One of the organizers said that there was nothing racist about the protest and noted that there are about 2,000-2,500 migrants in the city, while “thousands are waiting at the gates of Italy to head towards the British ‘Eldorado’.”

Italian lower house speaker Laura Boldrini spoke on the matter further. “Italy is doing its part through the (search-and-rescue, Ed.) operation Mare Nostrum,” she said at an inter-parliamentary conference on fundamental rights. “But search and rescue operations must be an obligation of Europe as a whole. The issue of sea rescues should therefore be addressed at the European level, since the Mediterranean border is the EU border”…

(Photo: A camp of Eritrean migrants in Calais, France — file)