Vikings’ European treasure trove unearthed in Scotland

A British metal-detecting enthusiast has unearthed the most significant Viking treasure hoard ever found in Scotland, shedding light on the warriors’ links with the rest of Europe.

Officials said on Monday that the trove includes more than 100 objects dating from the ninth and 10th centuries and will help in understanding the history of mediaeval Scotland and updating the image of Vikings as bloodthirsty axemen.

The artefacts, many of them unique, include silver ingots, brooches and armbands, gold objects and items of Irish origin.

There was also a decorated solid silver Christian cross and a Carolingian silver pot which has not yet been emptied, from an area of modern-day Germany.

Derek McLennan, 47, found the treasure last month buried some 60 centimetres (23 inches) below the ground in Dumfriesshire, southwest Scotland…