Tunis: Muslim Cell Allegedly Tried to Kidnap Jewish Child

Three would-be Muslim kidnappers failed in an attempted kidnapping of a 12-year-old Jewish child in the tiny community’s ancient quarter on the Tunisian island of Djerba on the eve of Sukkot, Israel’s NRG News reported Sunday.

The boy, who preferred not to give his name for fear of his life, testified that a bearded man and a friend entered the Jewish neighborhood, approached the child, and told him to get into a waiting taxi.

The taxi driver, who was apparently part of the kidnapping cell, aroused the boy’s suspicion, and he refused to enter the vehicle. The child started shouting for help, and the two alleged kidnappers fled on waiting motorcycles, as did the cabbie, in his vehicle.

Jewish community leaders quickly filed a complaint with police, and investigators questioned the child over the incident, and began searching for the suspects…