Trojan Horse ‘just the tip of the iceberg’

Plot to ‘Islamise’ state schools is far from over, says man sent to investigate the scandal

The “Trojan Horse” affair in Birmingham was merely the “tip of the iceberg” of Islamist infiltration in British schools, according to the man appointed by the Government to investigate the scandal.

Peter Clarke spoke amid indications that the plot, where hard-line Muslims hounded out secular head teachers in order to “Islamise” state schools, is flaring up again and broadening its reach.

Mr Clarke, a former police counterterror chief, said that parts of Whitehall attempted to “intimidate” him out of taking on the inquiry but succeeded only in convincing him that there must be something worth investigating.

He strongly disputed a statement made two weeks ago by Nicky Morgan, the new Education Secretary, that ministers had “got to the bottom of the issue”. Asked if he agreed with the claim, made on BBC Radio WM, Mr Clarke said: “Of course the Government hasn’t got to the bottom of the Trojan Horse affair, nowhere near it.

“You haven’t got to the bottom of it until you’ve proved or disproved whether there is something similar happening elsewhere [outside Birmingham]…

(Photo: Clockwise from left: Peter Clarke, who led the investigation; Saltey School; its former head Balwan Bains; plotters Tahir Alam and Razwan Faraz Credit: Will Wintercross/Joe Giddens/PA)