The Temple Mount

The police reaction was indeed a surrender to Muslim religious extremism – one of the biggest threats to liberal, open societies in the 21st century.

On the eve of Succot, dozens of masked Muslim youths threw rocks, fire bombs, fireworks, metal pipes and concrete slabs at police officers and non-Muslim visitors to the Temple Mount.

This vicious attack was premeditated, according to police. The rioters ascended the Temple Mount the night before and slept at one of the mosques so as to orchestrate the assault and build barricades to block police. Photos in Arabic media showed stones of different sizes stockpiled inside the mosque, some wrapped in prayer rugs. This was a protest against non-Muslim visitors, planned to coincide with the beginning of Succot.

In the wake of the attack, police decided to close the Temple Mount for at least one day to non-Muslim visitors, including hundreds of Jews who planned to come during the holiday to what they consider to be the holiest place on earth…

(Photo: Police at al-Aksa Mosque, Temple Mount, Jerusalem, October 13, 2014. Credit:ISRAEL POLICE)