Situation in Sinjar heats up: Yazidis surrounded, accuse Kurds of refusing aid

Ezidi resistance fighters tell ezidiPress editors in a phone conversation that ISIS terrorists have again surrounded Mount Sinjar, threatening thousands of people still located there. According to the fighters, over 7,000 people were remaining in the mountains because they rejected to leave their home and villages behind. Being surrounded by ISIS, their situation seems to deteriorate as Sinjar´s Protection Units themselves had to withdraw to Mount Sinjar.

And they seem to be at odds with the Kurds…

“The Peshmerga does not want to help us because we do not want our HPS unit to subordinate to their forces on the one hand, on the other our commanders refuse to become KDP members. We are surrounded by ISIS fighters and the Peshmerga troops just do not want to march in to help us. Ezidi volunteers who want to join us are not able to reach us because all the roads are blocked by ISIS. People in the mountains run out of water. There is also a lack of food again. Many get just one piece of bread a day”, a HPS fighter reported.

ISIS Song ”Just for Fun” (in Kurdish) داعشين,داعشين