Hitler was a meth addict, records show

German dictator Adolf Hitler was a drug addict, and used crystal meth regularly, according to the 47-page World War II US Military Intelligence dossier.

The papers show that the Nazi leader was a hypochondriac, and took over 74 medications.

The revelation is the subject of a new British Channel 4 documentary called “Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit,” set to air on Sunday, October 19.

The dossier alleges that the fuehrer took methamphetamines before his July 1943 meeting with Italian dictator Benito Mussolini, during which Hitler, sick and under stress, berated his Italian ally for hours.

Hitler became addicted to drugs after meeting Berlin doctor Theodor Morell.

Morell was a successful but unconventional doctor, whose practice suffered in 1933 when it was revealed that he treated many Jews, and he was thought to have a Jewish appearance, according to a Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh paper…