When Political Correctness Endangers Women

It’s getting exasperating how much the political correctness police have permeated our culture. It’s impossible to outline all of the normal human behaviors, such as assigning a newborn a gender, that people warn everyone against doing now—including calling anything “normal!” While this can be frustrating, few would describe the phenomenon as dangerous. Yet while reading a crime report in Gothamist, a local (and left-leaning) blog covering topics in New York City, my frustration with our increasing politically correct culture turned to fear.

When a crime occurs that meets a particular level of violence, or if it appears to be a part of a pattern, the New York Police Department (NYPD) will sometimes issue alerts to the public for information. These alerts generally come with a description of the crime, victim, time, and location. The role of the media in cases like these is to disseminate the information. Gothamist, however, seems to edit the suspect description in one serious and misguided manner: they omit the race of the perpetrator, a major identifying characteristic…