Washington State: Tri-City Muslims reach out after protester incident

Leaders of the Islamic Center of Tri-Cities said they were surprised by the one-man protest staged in front of the West Richland mosque last week.

But they also said it’s inspired them to reach out to the community with information and a message about their religion.

“Islam is a religion of peace. The meaning of the root of ‘Islam’ — the word ‘Islam’ — is peace,” said Mohamed Elsehmawy, the imam, or religious leader, at the mosque.

He added that the traditional Muslim greeting translates to, “Peace be upon you.”

Elsehmawy and other center leaders have talked about possibly arranging some open house events.

They also said they welcome people with questions about Islam — as well as concerns and criticism — to call or come to the West Richland center for more information or to talk…

Maybe the protester has realized he would get nothing but lies and takiyya by contacting the mosque.

(Photo: The protester outside West Richmond mosque last week)