Did Winston Churchill have ‘short-man syndrome’? New book by Boris Johnson claims wartime leader was driven by desire to fight back at bigger bullies

Sir Winston Churchill’s bravery in leading Britain during the Second World War may have been down to him suffering ‘short man syndrome’, a new book by Boris Johnson has claimed.

The Mayor of London says that with the wartime prime minister standing at just five foot six inches tall, there is evidence to suggest he was driven to succeed to prove a point to bigger bullies at school, who teased him for his height.

So-called ‘short man syndrome’ has been described by scientists where short men overcompensate for their lack of height through acts of aggression.

It has long been associated with some of history’s most notorious tyrants, including Adolf Hitler, Napoleon, Mussolini and Stalin.

And in Mr Johnson’s new biography on Churchill, who was two inches shorter than Hitler, he suggests the syndrome was what spurred him on to tackle bigger bullies…

Boris Johnson impresses me less and less all the time.