Refugees in Vienna announce hunger strike

Three refugees in Vienna’s new accommodation in Erdberg have said they are going on hunger strike in order to gain information about their asylum status and to support a fellow refugee who was sent to Tyrol after complaining about conditions in the new centre.

The Iraqi refugee in question, Rimon J., had spoken to the Heute newspaper about what he said were problems with the new accommodation, and was then removed after he allegedly verbally and physically assaulted staff members.

The Interior Ministry and ORS, the firm managing the newly opened refugee centre in Vienna’s 3rd district, said that Rimon J’s behaviour was “unacceptable” and that transferring him to another centre was the right thing to do.

His supporters, two Syrians and a Moroccan, dispute this. “He has a big mouth, and he talks too much, but he is not aggressive,” Abdelkader E. told the Austrian Press Agency.

He added that since Rimon J. had been transferred many of the refugees were afraid to complain about anything…

Throw them all out — deport!